Andrea was born in Florence, Italy. From an early age he has lived and breathed art, throughout his father, an informal expressionist painter, and was brought up on visits to museums and galleries. Whilst studying in the department of Arts, Music and Film at Bologna University in 2004, he started his creative career as an independent videographer with the newly formed visual artists collective theSPONKstudios. During his studies has also been working as camera assistant in the TV industry, starting with RAI, the national italian television, broadening his experience and knowledge of cameras and lighting skills. After graduated ,following several experiences across Europe, Africa and the USA , Andrea decided to move to London (UK) where he currently resides, focusing his work on music videos, fashion commercials and documentaries. He has filmed and directed up and coming British actors such as Tom Hiddleston and Hollyday Grainger and worked on fashion photoshoot with photography icons like Ellen von Unwerth.