Giovanni Aloi (italian, born 22 October 1984) studied flm history and criticism at University of Bologna and “arts plastiques” at Universitè Paris VIII. After graduate he started working as a writer and camera operator for the italian TV show “Le Iene” seeking for unconventional stories that could shock the audience. After this he focus his production on documentaries and frst of all biopics. He direct two flm: “La Promessa”, a true story that took place in the early ’80s about a football young rising star killed by heroin and “Lives”, a portrait of some of the biggest cinematic authorsm including Charlie Kaufman, Mario Monicelli and, Michael Palin from the Monthy Python collective. In the lasts two years he worked on his frst feature “Pan Play Decadence”. His research is based on trying to offer viewers more space for imagination and self- refection. His new short movie “A passo d’uomo”, produced and distributed in collaboration with Genova/Liguria Film Commission and Cineteca di Bologna, won the Best short film and the Young Jury Prize at Corto Dorico Festival.