Directed by Giovanni Fumu
Assistant Director Giovanni Aloi
Editing theSPONKstudios Paris
Camera Joe Petrosino
Color & Specials Marco Miraglia
Credits Gianandrea Poletta


Natas Loves You

Gang in furs: Thomas Bertrand, Pierre-Clément Pronzato, Joel Itshindo, Fredrik Wittbjer, Tanguy Masson
Gang in jackets: Yaco Mouchard, Aurélien Hamm, Pierre Le duc, Marco Miraglia, Kevin Dardonville
Gang of ladies: Carmen Hirondelle, Margot Ladroue, Cécile Roy, Ines Garlantezec, Albane Corre, Violetta Georgakakou

Costume Design Alexandra Lloyd
Additional costumes Marie Vinay, Jeanne Brassel , Cerise Zelenetz
Band Management Tommy Jean
Recording Bonus noise studio
Mixing Ghost city recordings

Special thanks
The Masson Family , Philippe Imhaus , Eleonore Trigano ,
The Marcos and Giovannis of this world